damaged calm

… learning to dance in the rain

About Me

I always struggle with what to write on my “about” page… finding myself caught somewhere between wanting anyone who stumbles across this blog to identify with me and the occasional fear that someone will actually identify me. Some days I’m funny, others I’m sad and others I am blissfully sugary sweet and romantic. These pages are just random extractions from my overactive brain, meant more as therapy for me than anything else.

I don’t remember exactly when I started writing. I specifically recall writing the class Christmas play in 6th grade which, I suppose was the first public display/performance of my writing. Since then I’ve dabbled in screenplays, copy writing, advertising and marketing, song writing and, of course, blogging. My co-workers commonly refer to me as “the word girl” when they need my help and “the grammar nazi” when I bleed all over their pages.

Life hasn’t exactly turned out as expected but I’m doing the best I can to enjoy it for what it is. And these posts? They’re my dance lessons.


Your thoughts?

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